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This digital 90 minute class is designed for all levels - no prior dance experience necessary. 

What to expect:

  • fabulous and diverse music (kid friendly)

  • connecting with and learning from two passionate instructors

  • encouragement 

  • full body warm up

  • coordination exercises

  • memory exercises

  • choreography

  • recap and discussion

What to wear:

  • boogie shoes (aka whatever you feel most comfortable grooving in)

  • flexible clothing (aka nothing that will hold you back from living your best life and reaching for the stars)

Where to dance:

  • anywhere you have a few feet of space (watch out for corners or cats)

Where does my donation go:

  • 100% of all proceeds go to ArchCity Defenders

*ArchCity Defenders (ACD) is a holistic legal advocacy organization that combats the criminalization of poverty and state violence, especially in communities of color. ACD’s foundation of civil and criminal legal representation, social services, impact litigation, policy and media advocacy, and community collaboration achieves and inspires justice and equitable outcomes for people throughout the St. Louis region and beyond.

Why ArchCity Defenders:

  • Although Chance and Dani are creatives who travel often and have lived in various cities throughout living their dance dreams...both are both graduates of Southeast Missouri State University and giving back to the state where they earned their degree's in dance seemed like the appropriate place to show their gratitude. Chance and Danielle mourn the deaths of Michael Brown, George Flyod, Breonna Taylor and Ahmaud Arbery and stand in solidarity with the tens of thousands across the nation peacefully marching for a brighter future without structural inequalities and senseless deaths. We believe ArchCity Defenders help bridge the gap, give a voice to those who have felt silenced and continue to progress St. Louis to be the holistic and welcoming community we know it can be. 

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